Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr (Pixlr Express)

Touch up your photos with more than 600 effects and filters


  • Over 600 filters and effects
  • Ability to favorite filters and effects
  • Easy to crop, resize, and fix red-eye
  • Easily share to other apps


  • Filters and effects take too long to load
  • Cramped interface

Very good

Autodesk Pixlr (Pixlr Express before) is a photo editing application that lets users touch up and edit their photos.

Sure, Instagram has a few filters but Autodesk Pixlr has over 600. If you're tired of using the same old filters from Instagram or other photo editing apps, give the ones in Autodesk Pixlr a try. Browsing through over 600 effects can be intimidating and time consuming but the app allows you to favorite effects to pull up quickly.

The filters and effects in Autodesk Pixlr are extremely comprehensive. You can do just about anything to your photos. There are plenty of vintage filters as well as color splash, which is useful for highlighting a single color in a photograph.

The interface of Autodesk Pixlr is good but definitely could use some improvements. To fit all the different types of effects in the app, the buttons had to be quite small, making the interface feel cramped. Filters also took a long time to load. You can see a progress bar slowly inching while it tries to load the different filters for a category. This makes experimenting with different filters a bit of a pain as you'll be sitting around waiting for them to load.

Sharing is excellent. Autodesk Pixlr allows you to export your work of art to apps that are able to share it, like Dropbox and Facebook. You can save your photos to the gallery and share them on Instagram, if you wish.

Overall, Pixlr Express offers a ton of great looking effects and filters but its cramped interface and long loading times may frustrate some users.

Autodesk Pixlr


Autodesk Pixlr (Pixlr Express)

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